HERSlings and BridSlings Terms and Conditions of hire

Hull & East Riding Sling Library (HERSlings) and Brid Sling Hire (BridSlings) are run by Jill Harrison with the help of volunteers, from this point forwards the services will be referred to as HERSlings as the umbrella organisation unless specifically mentioning BridSlings). We are a not for profit service aiming to improve access to safe babywearing advice and equipment to enable families to carry their children.

The terms “sling” and “carrier” are used interchangeably in these terms and conditions and they refer to any babywearing device (including wraps) hired by HERSlings.

All carriers and associated accessories remain the property of HERSlings

Please read through this terms and conditions thoroughly. Completing the hiring process is taken as your agreement to all terms and conditions.

  • Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be used with regard to your hire.
  • Any changes in contact details during the hire period must be passed on to us in writing to herslings@gmail.com
  • The standard hire period is 1 calendar month; any variations in this must be discussed and agreed with HERSlings.


  • All hire fees are payable at the point of hiring.
  • Postage costs are charged as per Royal Mail tariff.
  • Out of hours hires are available by arrangement only and subject to a charge of between £2.50 and £5 depending on service provided
  • We reserve the right to change return dates and/or demand return of a hired carrier at any time.
  • We are happy to exchange carriers during the hire period, at your cost, providing at least 1 week remains on your hire period
  • Photo ID and/or proof of name and address is required prior to a hire being agreed
  • We accept payments of hire fees in CASH, PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER or CARD, we do not accept cheques


  • All carriers returned in person, should be done so prior to the end of the sling session and handed to a member of HERSlings. Any item due back but not returned by the end of the session is liable to pay a late fee of £1 per day until it is returned.
  • If returning by post, the carrier needs to be posted by 1st Class Signed For service and must be posted on the last day of the hire period (or earlier if that day is a Sunday or Bank Holiday). If the carrier has not been return and proof of postage is not available then late fees of £1 per day will be charged until proof of postage can be provided.
  • Carriers can be returned out of hours be prior arrangement only, leaving them with neighbours, in wheelie bins, attempting to put through letter boxes, putting over garden fences etc. etc. is NOT acceptable and charges for loss or damage will be made. The item remains your responsibility until it is accepted as by a member of HERSlings


  • If you are unable to return of the agreed date, please contact herslings@gmail.com at least 24 hours prior. If we have not heard from you by the end of the session the item was due back or by 5pm the day of return with proof of postage (for postal hires) late fees of £1 per day will be added to your account and a further month’s hire fee will also be added. These fees will continue to accrue until the sling is return or contact and alternative arrangements have been made.
  • If we have not received the carrier back within 28 days of the end of your hire period and no alternative arrangements have been made we will sent you a reminder letter, this will be charged for at £5, If the carrier remains unreturned 14 days after this we will send an invoice for the RRP of the carrier plus all associated late fees and a further admin charge of £5 will be added to your balance. If after this the carrier remains unreturned we will pursue small claims court action against you and add the costs of this to your account.
  • If HERSlings cancels a session for any reason without notice, we will extend your sling hire to the next suitable session at no cost to you.
  • All carriers are checked and cleaned upon return, to ensure they are in good working order, we advise you to check for any defects prior to hire and then prior to every use, any issues and you should stop using the carrier and contact use immediately..
  • We will check and clean items on return, should we find any damage we will message you to discuss this as soon as possible, should an item become damaged whilst on hire you should contact us immediately. Some components such as buckles can often be replaced however the hirer will be libel for the costs of replacement parts. Should the carrier be damaged beyond repair we will invoice you for full replacement value at RRP and are unable to accept replacements sourced by yourselves unless by prior agreement.
  • Please avoid washing the carriers as this reduces the life span, if they get minor marks on them then spot cleaning is the first line. Should an item need washing please contact HERSlings
  • Due to allergies please limit the exposure of the wrap to animal hair and dander, should the carrier be returned with excessive amounts of animal hair on it that requires cleaning by HERSlings then a charge may be applied.
  • You must not smoke or vape whilst using the carrier or keep it in an environment where anyone smokes, if a carrier is returned smelling of smoke an additional cleaning charge will be levied. If the smells of smoke isn’t fully removed full RRP will be charged

By entering your information into our system and completing the hire process you are agreeing to all these terms and conditions.

Contact can be via the following