“Our son was a very high needs baby, and after 6 weeks of thinking there was something wrong with him I headed down to a library session and hired a caboo from you. Suddenly I had my hands back. I learned to feed him in there and felt like Wonder Women!! I wore and fed him everywhere from wondering around Mothercare to hiking in Dalby Forrest. I did a weekend in London on my own with a 4 month old who didn’t once get stressed, upset or overstimulated. And no pram meant the tube was a breeze for me. He’s almost 2 now and still worn all the time, I love been that parent who can go anywhere rather than the once stuck at the side with a buggy. And the library has helped me find appropriate slings and given great advice along the way. When number two is born I plan to wear them from birth, I don’t know how I coped those first 6 weeks!” Hannah

“Being able to wear my son has given me that closeness and bonding with him whilst having 2 hands free for my 2 year old! Baby wearing isn’t something I did with with my first son…but I have loved every minute of it!!! Practical, personal and precious!!!” Dani

“Baby wearing helped me so much in the early days when my son wanted to be close. It gave me my hands free to play with my other 3 children, or to make some lunch, do some shopping, or even do the school run. He screamed as soon as he was put into a pram, so I sold it and got a sling instead. The sling went everywhere with us and was an absolute godsend! We started with a Caboo and a ring sling, then went onto a buckled carrier, a Mei Tai, and now use a Connecta which we love and use for back carries now.” Sam

“We love baby wearing! It’s definitely been an amazing help to us and I wish I’d known about it sooner with my other children. We have 5 children between us and having our youngest in the sling still allows us to have days out at the beach, in the woods etc without having to carry around a massive pram! It also makes it so much easier to get stuff done around the house and play games with the other kids. Plus baby loves being so close to me or her daddy all the time!” Vickie

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